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Depending on the brand and model, smartphones can be very delicate devices. As strong as Gorilla Glass is, at the end of the day, it’s still glass and glass can get scratched, cracked or shattered. To play it safe, many people opt to put their phones in protective cases and covers.

While that’s all fine, I, personally, am not a fan of covers and cases. I prefer to feel the device for which I paid good money directly in my hands and see the beauty of its design and aesthetic in its entirety, not covered up.

If you’re anything like me, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. But how do you protect your delicate electronic baby from scratches and damage without using a phone cover or case? Below are six ways in which you can prevent damaging your phone without a protective cover.

Handle it with care

If you’re going to use a smartphone without a cover, then the first thing you need to do to keep it safe from damage is to practice extreme caution and handle it with care. I’m not saying treat your phone like it’s the most fragile thing on earth, but throwing it around is definitely asking for trouble.

Handling with care also means having a tight grip on the phone. If you accidentally bump into something or someone, you need to hold your phone tight enough that it doesn’t fall out of your hands and get damaged.

You might also want to keep your smartphone away from children, especially the very young ones. We all love kids, but the truth is they are reckless little monsters that destroy everything they touch. If you give your phone to a young child, just know that it will not be shown any mercy.

Keep it away from sharp and jagged objects

Most of us keep our smartphones in our pockets or bags, oftentimes along with other things such as coins, keys, and other objects that might be abrasive. The problem is, as you move about, these harsh objects come into contact with your phone and may scratch it.

If you want to keep your smartphone looking good without using a phone case, you need to remove all hard objects and keep the phone stored in its own space. That could mean having a pocket for nothing else but your smartphone or a dedicated compartment in your bag just for it.

If you have no choice but to have your coins and keys in the same pocket as your phone, the least you can do is to not have them rolling around loose in your pocket. Put your coins in a wallet and your keys in a pouch.

Beware of hard and rough surfaces

Hard and rough surfaces are bad news for your smartphone if it doesn’t have a protective case. And given how many different types of surfaces on which we put our smartphones daily, it’s only a matter of time before the rough surfaces leave their mark.

The obvious thing to do is to put your smartphone on a smooth or soft surface. I have developed the habit of not placing my phone directly on the table, but rather on top of something else. This could be anything like a book, table mat, paper, etc.

Or better still, to avoid damaging your phone on hard or rough surfaces, keep it in your bag or pocket if there is no need for you to have it out in the open. The less time a smartphone spends exposed, the less likely it is to get damaged.

Use a screen protector

The screen protector remains the accessory of choice for many people who do not want to use a phone case with their smartphone. It fits right on top of your phone’s screen and protects it from scratches and cracks.

The downside of a screen protector is that it only protects the display. Other areas of the phone’s body remain exposed. So, even if you use a screen protector, you still need to handle your device with care and be careful of the surfaces you put it on.

Put your smartphone in a pouch

Instead of putting their phone in their pocket or bag along with other things, some people choose to use a special pouch to carry their phone around. Having your phone in its own pouch eliminates the chances of getting it scratched in transit.

Smartphone pouches come in different sizes and designs to accommodate a wide variety of phones and personal tastes. But if you’re crafty, you can make your own phone pouch and save yourself some money.

Install a finger grip

If you have butterfingers but really prefer not to use a phone case, then a phone finger grip ring is the perfect solution for you. This is a large ring or loop that can be attached to the back of the camera, through which you can insert a couple of fingers for a better grip on your phone.

What’s also cool about the finger grip is that, depending on the design, you can use it to support your phone when you want to leave your phone standing on the table, allowing you to use the phone hands-free.


If you treat your phone like the delicate device it is and handle it with great care, you won’t need a cover to keep it protected. I have never used a phone cover and all my glass -body phones survived their full lifespan still in good shape.

Am I saying protective cases are unnecessary? Of course not. If you work or live in an environment where your phone is constantly exposed to harsh elements (e.g. children) or you’re just clumsy, then getting adequate protection for your phone is essential.

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